A Church Where Jesus is Lord

A Short History of

North Bristol Christian Church

Bristolville was settled around 1803 - 1805. The first church began around 1810. From 1853 to 1858 a Christian Church met in various homes and barns in North Bristol ending up at the Town Hall.

During 1866 and 1867 the Pastor of the North Bloomfield church would come down to North Bristol and preach in the schoolhouse every two weeks on Sunday afternoons. In February, 1868 a three week long series of revival meetings were held. By the end of the series, 56 people had given their lives to Christ and were baptized. On February 19, 1868 a church was established with many of the congregation coming from the N. Bloomfield church. Pastor Bartlett continued on as their first pastor.

Tradition has it that James Garfield, prior to becoming the president of the US, preached at NBCC in the mid 1800's while he was at Hiram college. The pulpit which is now in the narthex, is the pulpit from which he preached.

In March, 1959 a rededication service was held following the installation of a new basement, kitchen, restrooms, and parsonage among other improvements.

Some of the watch-word phrases throughout our churches history have been, No Creed but Christ, no book but the bible; Where Scripture speaks, we speak, where Scripture is silent, we are silent.

At North Bristol Christian Church, our goal is to help others in NE Trumbull County, OH see our faith in Jesus Christ as the Light of the World and endeavor to help others find Him as their Saviour, as well.

This truly is a church that strives to keep Jesus as Lord.


1955 Hyde Oakfield Rd
Bristolville, OH 44450


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