A Church Where Jesus is Lord


When you look at the life of Jesus Christ you see that He did not spend much time in the established church, but spent most of His time reaching out to the hurting outside the church. He prayed in John 17 that the church would be one in the last days.

NBCC is part of the local ministerial association called BAMA. This is a local group of churches who meet together for fellowship and to combine our efforts to lead our communities to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. We also have a nice page with information about local upcoming events that are sponsored by BAMA (the Bristol Area Ministerial Association) http://bama1.org

We have an area supported food ministry that reaches between 80 and 100 families a month.

Financially, we support on a monthly basis, the New Life maternity home; the Schmidt family - missionaries to street kids around the world; Alliance DefenceFund; Compassionate Ministries - who reach out to the street kids of Warren, OH; and the Warren Rescue Mission. About 10% of our annual budget goes to outreach and missions.

In that Christ spent much time ministering outside of the physical church builidng and ministering to physical needs, Pastor Dale Briggs is an EMT and the EMS Lt. with the local ambulance and fire department. He is also the EMT representative on the Trumbull county EMS board and their secretary.


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