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Pastor Dale's sermons

More than a Parachute?1

More than a Parachute?2

The Hour That Changes the World - Prayer - by Dick Eastman

GOD (Praise)

Attributes of God handout

Intimacy - Waiting and Confession

(outline for Intimacy)

Be Alert - Watching and Scripture Praying

(outline for Be Alert)

Ask Away! - Intercession and Petition (did not get recorded)

(outline for Ask Away)

God, You are Sooooo Good! - Thanks and Singing! (did not get recorded)

(outline for Be Alert)

Listening to God - Meditation, Listening and Praise

outline for Meditation, listening and praise

12 Steps of Prayer - edited


Christmas series 2013

The Christmas Experience

God is Faithful

Peace in the Midst of Chaos

Joy & Love, Your Choice

Sunday School Chris;tmas Program

Fruit of the Spirit Sermons 2013

Introduction and Love 1

Love - Broken Hearts and Goosebumps

Joy - Perspective

Joy Unspeakable

Secret of True Peace 1 (stated as Peace 2, but actually Peace 1)

Secret of True Peace 2

Secret of True Peace 3

The Puzzle of Patience 1

The Puzzle of Patience 2

Show a Little Kindness

God is GOOD! All the Time!

Faithful Fruit 1

Faithful in All

(Gentleness didn't get recorded, so BE GENTLE!)

Eating an Elephant (Self Control)

4/19/09 God's Stimulus Package

4/26/09 Solid Investments Part 1

5/3/09 Solid Investments Part 2

5/10/09 WOW!! What a Mother (end of message not recorded)

5/24/09 Memorial Service (some background video is included and the end of this message also was not gotten)

5/31/09 Do I Really Need the Church?

6/14/09 More Than a Spanking (Baptism message)

Collosians 3:1 - 11 2/21/10 Looking up, Look out, Look in and Looking around

Guest Speaker - Jodi Baker / BAMA service at NBCC

2/28/10 Passion of Christ

3/7/10 Complete Forgiveness

3/21/10 Accepting Exultation and Humuliation

"How to Win EVERY Battle" based on the book "Winning Every Battle" by Michael Galiga.

2/13/11 Winning EVERY Battle introduction

8/21/11 Eternal Covenant (With God's Chosen People)

9/25/11 Winning Every Battle Final

We had Colonel John Summerville with "Night to Stand with Israel" present on 10/11/11. He offered some wonderful insights as to God's relationship with Israel and all who stand or oppose her. Here are his thoughts.

6/24/12 Continuing Revival

Previous messages

worship message by dale

Baccalaurete 04 - Thermostat Christians

Giant Slaying message (ideas from Max Lucado's book)

Overcoming Anger


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