A Church Where Jesus is Lord


The Christian Church was begun when some fellow believers in the early 1800s were concerned by those in the more liberal church of the day who did not see fellow Christians as part of the body of Christ just because they they did not belong to their particular denomination. Some of our early settlers decided to form a body of believers that would try to follow what the early church did and taught after Christ ascended into heaven.

We see in scripture that those outside the church could identify those that knew Jesus Christ by the verse -

Behold how they love one another.

In Acts 20:7 we find that one of the reasons for the church getting together was to celebrate our Lords Supper on the first day of the week.

One of the things that made the early Christian Church unique at that time was that they accepted and saw all who had simply received Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour as part of the body of Christ.

Part of our heritage that makes us unique is that we follow the early churchs tradition of celebrating our Lords Supper on a weekly basis, allowing each one who attends, the opportunity to make sure that everything is right between them, God, and their brothers and sisters in Christ at least on a weekly basis.

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